You can download the EBEN Deeds as from 2014 here
If you prefer to have a paper copy, please contact the secretariat.


Remark: during the EBEN General Assembly of September 14, 2013, two amendments to the Deeds have been accepted by vote by all members present:

1. Change in fiscal year: Fiscal year end closing is moved from May 31st to December 31st in order to be in line with the year end closing of the EBEN Network members.
Art. 16, par 1: "The financial year shall run from the first day of January until the thirty first day of December of the same year".

2. Assembly of the National Chairs: Addition of a new paragraph.
Art. 10, par. 6: "The Executive Committee may be assisted by the Assembly of the National Network chairpersons as a consultative body."