Case Study: Stakeholder Relationships in EBEN

Stakeholder Relationships in a Non-Profit Network Organization

by Maria Inha, May 2015

The aim of the research was to describe and create understanding about the stakeholder relationships of a non-profit network organization. The study was conducted as a stakeholder analysis of a case organization, namely European Business Ethics Network (EBEN). The research objectives were to identify the characteristics of stakeholder relationships of a nonprofit organization and to evaluate the contributions that are made in the relationships between the actors.

The data was analyzed with qualitative content analysis. The findings of the study propose that the stakeholders of a non-profit network organization may be classified by the nature of their relationship contribution, by the size and activity level of the stakeholder and by the power and influence relationships between the actors. Moreover, the interests of the stakeholders were projected onto the objectives of the organization and the contributions to the relationships were primarily intangible. Lastly, the stakeholders were seen to advocate  issues, which were strongly tied to the practical operations of the organization. The salience of these issues can be evaluated by the deviation in the stakeholder perceptions in the  importance that was placed on each issue.

You can download the executive summary here, and the presentation slides here.