EBEN Research Conference 2016

This year's EBEN Research Conference was held in Palermo (Italy), September 8-9, 2016.  Theme of the conference: 'Ethical Behavior and Ethical Disclosure'.
Despite the strengthened debate and the general interest in ethical behavior and ethical disclosure, the link between this two aspects is still an under-investigated topic.

Conference website and registration: http://www.unipa.it/dipartimenti/seas/eben16/

Despite some critical analysis, in the last years the ethical foundations of social/sustainability disclosure (but also generically of corporate disclosure)  and the consistency between disclosure and business practices  has not always been analyzed in depth.

Even in light of the recent scandals that highlighted the gap between the entrepreneurial/managerial action and the content of the disclosure documents, the conference proposes to think about  the risk that these documents are simply tools of impression management or managerial capture.  This topic is strongly relevant considering that in the last years news tools (e.g., integrated reporting) have been developed and their goals and main consequences are not fully clear. In a physiological view, the ethical culture and behavior of an organization should entail the adoption of tools able to show the actual corporate behavior but also to spread the values of that organization. Actually the corporate disclosure, indeed, seems often characterized by an opportunistic approach. Therefore, the general topic of the conference can be studied in terms of research of the philosophical foundations of corporate accountability and moral responsibility according to which the firms should ground their communication towards stakeholders. Many other crucial questions could be debated in the conference, for example: if voluntary and not standardized social disclosure could be more able to strengthen the compliance with moral norms, or if  it encourages not coherent corporate behaviors; if the choice of different users of the corporate disclosure reports (all stakeholders or only investors) can affect the transparency, the consistency, reliability and the effectiveness of the communication.   

The EBEN Research Conference 2016 will focus on this particular field that is the understanding of the complex relations between the ethical behavior and the way in which the business decides to disclosure this behavior. We also invite to propose papers that are able to depict not only the link between the two aspect but also the meaning and mechanism that characterize ethical behavior and ethical disclosure.  We propose the following research themes and major research tracks at the conference:

  • Social and Integrated Disclosure: ethical foundations and implications
  • Corruption: implications in terms of ethical behavior and ethical disclosure
  • Social Entrepreneurship and ethical behavior
  • Ethical Behavior and disclosure in public management
  • Religion and corporate social behavior
  • Philosophical premises for an ethical behavior in  markets  and organizations
  • Environmental/sustainable management and business ethics

Preliminary program of the conference

8 September

  • Plenary session -  Ethical Behavior and Ethical Disclosure. Keynote speakers: Domenec Melé (Iese Business School – University of Navarra), Lorenzo Sacconi (University of Trento)
  • Workshop Sessions for Presentation of Selected Papers
  • Round table - Different perspectives in the European Business Ethics Approach: the ethical dimension of the business governance (with the participation of the Presidents of the National Chapters of Eben)

9 September


  • 30th of March (abstract up to 1000/1.200 words, font: Times New Roman 12)
  • 20th of April (acceptance)
  • 30th of June (full or short paper)
  • 30th of July (final acceptance)

Registration fees

  Early bird (until 30th June) After 30th June until 30th July After 30th July until
August 30th
EBEN Members € 260 € 300 € 340
EBEN Non-Members € 330 € 370 € 400
M.A. and Phd Students € 70 € 90 € 120
Accompanying persons € 100









Online registration and all info: http://www.unipa.it/dipartimenti/seas/eben16/

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