EBEN Interest Group Funding

DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2019

If EBEN members from different countries share a common interest in a topic, the first option is to organize a special track that focuses on that topic at the annual conference.

However, it might be the case that special interest groups would like to meet in between the conferences (which take place in the summer), during the academic year.
EBEN has sponsored 2 such projects in 2015, and they have been very positively evaluated.

In Nottingham Excom has proposed to renew this experiment, and the general assembly has approved. Therefore we are happy to sponsor again such thematic meetings (workshop, seminar, etc.) in 2017, up to € 2,500 maximum for one event. The organizers could use the funding to pay travel expenses or related expenses, (see budget guidelines) but the funding should only cover travel expenses of EBEN members.  

We would particularly appreciate workshops that also involve the participation of corporate members, and we preferably will sponsor projects that do not take place during an EBEN conference (but seminars or meetings that are organized just before or after the conference are eligible).

If you are interested, send an application to eben@edhec.edu

Your proposal should mention a brief abstract/purpose of your group, the names of the EBEN members that would be involved, and the name of the person/s who takes responsibility (the ‘coordinator’ of the project.

Deadline for the 2019 funding is 31 May 2019.  Announcements of successful applications will be announced at the Annual conference in June.